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" When I can no longer create anything, I'll be done for"
Coco Chanel


Sorry for my long silence, I have not been feeling so good this past week, I've overdone it clearing up from the storm, I think. ME symptoms have flared up so having to pace myself. This is good news for you as I have HAD to sit at my computer and write up the sock pattern because I haven't had the energy for anything else! So here it is.......


To fit average woman’s foot up to size 7 (UK)
(You can adapt the cuff pattern to fit any size sock pattern you have, just make sure you have a number of stitches that are divisible by 12)

Yarn A  50gms plain 4ply sock yarn
Yarn B  50gms self patterning 4ply sock yarn
Set of 4/5 dpns size 2.5mm

With yarn B loosely cast on 72sts and divide over 3 needles taking care not to twist the sts, join the round.
Knit 2 rounds
Round 1 Knit
Round 2 Knit
Round 3 *(K2tog) three times (yfwd, K1) six times, (K2 tog) three times. Repeat from * to end of round.
Round 4 Purl (If you prefer a smoother finish Knit this round)

Repeat these 4 rounds 8 times (32rows) or for length required for turn back.
TURN CUFF INSIDE OUT and K one round decreasing 8 sts evenly as you go. (64 sts) (You have changed direction and will have a small hole here that can be finished off later)
Knit the next three rounds in K2 P2 rib.
CHANGE TO YARN A and continue in rib pattern until work is 7 inches long from the beg. or length required for leg.

Change to yarn B and put half the sts. (32) on one needle and the remaining sts over two needles.
Knit back and forth on the 32sts as follows
Row 1 *Sl1,K1 repeat from * across the row, TURN
Row 2 Sl1, purl to end, TURN
Repeat these two rows 14 times more (32 rows in total)
With right side facing
Sl1, K7, ssk, K1 turn
Sl1, P5, p2tog, P1, turn
Sl1, K6, ssk, K1, turn
Continue in this way working 2 sts together over the gap until you have used all the heel stitches. 18sts remain

CHANGE to yarn A
Needle 1, Knit 9 heel sts, PICK UP 16sts up the side of heel flap you just made
Needle 2 K 32 (top of foot)
Needle 3 Pick up 16sts down side of flap, K9 heel stitches (82sts)

Round 1 Needle I Knit to last 3 sts, K2tog K1
            Needle 2 Knit
            Needle 3 K1 SSK Knit to end
Round 2 Knit
Repeat these 2 rounds until you have 64sts in total

Cont. in plain knitting until foot measures 5 inches from picked up stitches or foot size required (my size 7 needed 7 inches)

Round 1 Needle 1 Knit to last 3 sts, K2tog K1
            Needle 2 K1 ssk, knit to last 3 sts k2tog, K1
            Needles 3 K1 ssk, knit to end
Round 2 Knit

Repeat these 2 rounds until 16sts remain.
Graft two sets of 8 sts together.

Pics of the Ark in progress in the next few days
Bye for now

What a difference a day makes...

Hiya, I've gone down with a cold this weekend and not feeling that sociable, so here are some cards I've made in the last week or so in between clearing up the storm damage.
This one is a New Home card for very dear friends who have finally moved into their own villa over here after lots of trauma and years of waiting, made from Cute Companions CD 1 and assorted CC stamps

I have a thing about Santa's this year for some reason, top one is from Joanna Sheen's new collection, the middle santa pings on a wire (I take no credit for this Joanna demo'd this some time ago!)

The santa above is stamp I used at craft club, the trees are from Cute companions Christmas CD. The Vintage one is a graphic from a vintage CD I have, printed onto vellum, soft and pretty. The brads were supposed to go through the vellum, but I misjudged the holes and had to stick it instead and cover up with stickers!
Yes, the famous extreme weather of Spain struck on Tuesday night,
One day we are basking in glorious warm sunshine the next........here is some of the stuff we have had to deal with this week outside

The sunbeds have travelled 200 yards off the terrace, plants are all over the place, branches off trees, broken pots and tiles off the roof and leaves, leaves, leaves everywhere! We also had a lake of rain water in the house where the roof was supposed have been fixed! All through the night the wind howled round the house, Dora our golden retriever is terrified of storms so we ended up with her pressed up against the bed one side, Sophie the little dog in the middle, then Bobo the cat decided he would like a cosy bed for the night and settled down on my feet! At one point I had a huge fit of the giggles, we must have been such a comical sight! Needless to say not much sleep was had by anyone!
We are gradually getting sorted, but have a rule that Sundays are a day of rest a relaxtion whatever, so it all has to wait. I'm not up to anything much today anyway, so I'm off to watch Create and Craft on TV and snuggle up with a nice hot drink! Back soon...

Cards, cards, cards....

Well, I'm in production line mode for Christmas cards. I suddenly realised I need to have all my overseas cards ready to take with me to England by the 26th November, panic! I've got 15 done, another 10 to go. The problem is I get wrapped up in the designing and spend hours just playing before I finally get each card together! I've had such fun making these two over the past couple of days

I was inspired by Barbara Grey of Clarity Stamp on TV on Sunday to get some of my old Christmas stamps out (from Graphicus) and try some different techniques such as masking and stamping borders etc. I don't have a magic brayer like her, so I improvised with sponging and I'm quite pleased with the effect, especially the landscape for the Three Kings. I also sprayed this with Crafters companion irridescent Spray and Sparkle which doesn't show up on this pic. These are A5 size and took hours to do so they will be for very special people in my life!
Yes, I am covered from head to toe in glitter and the rest of the family will be too by the end of the day!
On a yarny note here is a tie back for curtains that I have to make 6 of, the first two were fun, now its getting very boring, but I must force myself to finish them because they will look good once they are up.

Off to tackle more of Noah's ark, back tomorrow...

And suddenly it's Autumn

One huge thunderstorm at the beginning of the week and Autumn has arrived, cool nights and mornings, damp and musty smell in the woods and the duvet is back on the bed......no I'm not fond of Autumn, it spells death and decay to me, I also think it is linked in my mind to the 'back to school' feelings of long ago, the end of Summer freedom and fun and back to maths and stiff new school uniform! My favourite season is Spring, full of new life and hope, but I must admit walking with the dogs in the autumn sunshine the other morning was very pleasant, little Sophie leaping like a deer through the long golden grass was a delight.
The socks are done, washed and drying in the sun....
From this pic I can see that I'm getting a line where I join needles, I think I'm pulling too tight for fear of getting a ladder and overdoing it! Ah well, it won't notice on my feet and its all part of the learning curve. I will put the pattern on here soon, we have visitors at the moment, so I'm not getting much spare time, but its lovely being a tourist with them!
Since starting to write this, the weather has turned back to summer, 28 degrees yesterday so I was sunning myself on the beach! Such a treat at this time of year, it can be cold, wet and miserable by now.
More soon I promise!