Favourite Quotes

" When I can no longer create anything, I'll be done for"
Coco Chanel


A long silence I know, due to illness and the pressure of Christmas preparations..... while recovering from a nasty attack of cystitis I have started dabbling in the world of scrapbooking. Now I have a gorgeous little grandson I can indulge myself with all sorts of baby cuteness. My favourite two pages are of course yarny, all about making a lace shawl  and toys for him...

I have used Crafters Companion CD called Popcorn Kids to print out the borders and teddy pic. The little peice of knitting is real, on cocktail sticks with beads on the end to look like knitting needles. The quote is from the Yarn Harlot a couple of years ago on one of her calendars, love her sense of humour!
I am in danger of getting addicted to this craft, I can use all my card making stuff in a new way, such fun!
Here are some of the animals I've made for Noah's Ark so far, they are VERY fiddly, a real labour of love

I should have cropped this first, distracting background, sorry! The giraffe legs are a nightmare, so I've started on a lion now, the second giraffe will have to wait until I feel stronger!