Favourite Quotes

" When I can no longer create anything, I'll be done for"
Coco Chanel

Hot and cold

Returned from the UK where it was COLD (9 degrees and driving rain)  to Spain where it was HOT (30 degrees and humid)! What a shock, fortunately the weather cooled a bit here for a couple of weeks, but its hotting up again now for the long Summer season...
Before I left I took our little dog Sophie for a walk through the vineyards in the valley across the road from the house and I heard this

What a beautiful sound! The bird was deep in the tall rushes so I couldn't see it but the sound was unforgettable, I LOVE the Spring, everything bursting into life, such a hopeful time of year.

Anyway, in London, after much playing and cuddling I gave Noah his next scrapbook page

His new album is 12"X 12" which is much easier to work with, I had such fun choosing all the fishy things to put on here! He and his Mum loved it, he wanted to take the fish off and play with them! I also delivered the 'Lucy inspired' round flower cushion to my Lucy. We had a lovely time despite the weather, especially at the Science Museum's bubble show. Bubbles is one of Noah's few words at present he loves them!
Mike's Birthday card was given early as well as there were tickets for the theatre for him inside

Made using the Portobello Road paper kit and stamps and some from other sets I have. Really pleased with the result. Coincindentally my daughter Elly and I decided to go to the real Portobello Road on her day off. Although the street market was not on, the browsy antique and bric a bric stalls kept us amused for hours. Jubilee mania is everywhere, all sorts of souvenirs to tempt you, from the outright tacky to the very tasteful. I think Cath Kidston's range gets my vote, a bit over-priced but pretty. I gave in a bought a T shirt from M&S that is not obviously Jubilee, but has some London elements mixed in with pretty florals.

Back home and I finally finished the diagonal jacket, just in time to put it in the cupboard for 6 months! Very pleased with this, although it's a tad short. I'm hoping it will drop and bit with wear.

Several weeks ago I started my new rug project, a lions head designed by Gail Dufresne. I need some more golden coloured fabric for this so out came the dye pot today.....
 It's such a long time since I did this, but did some dip dyeing to get graduated colour along the length of the wool fabric. I then decided it needed to be a more yellow so 'cooked' it some more in a yellow solution. Here is the beginning stages of the rug, this handsome lion is going to be so gorgeous when finished, the mane will be done in proddy ( long shaggy strips of fabric) to look realistic and feel wonderful! Of course this is destined for Noah's bedroom, but don't tell him!
A wedding is on the way in June of a dear friend's granddaughter so I had fun using all the glitter and pearls I could find to make this
The photo doesn't do it justice, but it is just the look I wanted. Stamped flower heart and border  (by Chloe's Stamps) decoupaged with vellum flowers with crystal gems in the centres. The bride is wearing ivory so the ribbon and matting is this colour with  pearls in the corners.

It is now officially HOT and we enjoying the signs of Summer, the first cherries fresh from the market
and the muslin curtains on the doors blowing in the warm breeze, such a summery sight...

(yes that is Sophie's little body sunbathing!)
My crocodile stitch bag is coming on slowly, pics next time, I've also cast on a new cardigan for me and a teddy outfit, all will be revealed soon!

Finally a little floral tribute to he Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee next weekend

Hope you are enjoying the season whether it is hot or cold for you right now.
Handy hugs!