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" When I can no longer create anything, I'll be done for"
Coco Chanel

Lacey ramblings....

My dear mother, (who passed away three years ago) could never understand my passing passions for 'making things' in great bursts of enthusiam until boredom or frustration set in and I would move on to something else. The habit has never died, I still have 'crazes' as she called them, the latest one is for needle lace.
My first encounter with hand made lace was in Brittany at the age of 11 on my first ever holiday abroad, when I saw the Breton ladies making bobbin lace. I bought a tapestry depicting one of these ladies in her tall lace hat, it was half done for decades as I ran out of cotton yarn to complete it and has been throw out somewhere along the line. I regret this now as it was part of my crafting heritage. Nevertheless the love of lace has never left me. For a long time I only made crochet lace as it was simpler, like this

but about 10 years ago I learnt to do bobbin lace. Beautiful, but very time consuming and you need good eysesight and also be able concentrate all the time you are working it. This is a piece I made, after hours of practice, that I was actually proud of.

However, I began to have trouble seeing the fine work and discovered I had cataracts forming and had to have two eye operaations with months in between. I was not seeing well for a couple of years so the bobbin lace equipment was consigned to the attic and I stuck to easier persuits.

I had heard of needlelace, but not pursued it as I have so many other hobbies! But a couple of months ago I saw an advert for an American magazine called 'Piecework' that was promoting an issue devoted to lace of all kinds. A kind relative in the US sent me a copy and I devoured it. It had a very well written example of how to do this lovely lace and my new 'craze' was born!
The wonderful internet supplied me with video clips, patterns, instructions etc and I was off, as my eyes are now so much better I felt able to tackle it. With some of my bobbin lace supplies I managed this as a first sample, not bad eh? But I need a lot more practice.

One of the beauties of this type of lace making is that you can sit in an comfy chair anywhere, without equipment on your lap, no bobbins to wind etc., and it is easy see where you are all the time. Much more relaxing and very satisfying. I am working on  another piece each evening with a drink by the pool now....

My other hobbies have not suffered though, I have been dabbling with making paper beads....
and knitting a spaghetti scarf.....
and card making and scrapbooking, but they are under wraps until the recipients receive them......
It's too hot to sit over a computer now.... off for a swim, be back soon!

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