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Colour Fest!

This past couple of weeks has all been about colour, in the flowers around me and the handicraft I have been working on.
First the flowers
 This is the riot of colour I am basking in.... yellow freesias, ostespermum dasies, cyclamen and wisteria
and the rest are all from this gorgeous bouquet that arrived from my lovely childen for Mother's Day!

Two of my prized hibiscus were caught very badly by the frost this winter and i had almost given up hope that they had survived, but I was insanely happy to find this tiny little green shoot on the double peach plant! Its alive! Now I am holding my breath for the other one to show some signs of life too.

On the crochet front I have been working my way through a ball of Kauni rainbow yarn that has been in my stash for years, the fun of watching the colours change is amazing, especially in the crocodile stitch........another bag in the making
And some cute little bunny egg cozies soon to be on their way to Peckham for Easter

The pattern for these is from Little Cotton Rabbits, as I'm using oddments of  yarn that I have (not the 4ply cotton recommened) the head come out to large for the body of this one, so this will be Daddy Bunny!

This one is much better and will be Noah's I think, but he will no doubt decide which is his favourite without any help from me. Mummy bunny still to come!

Cards, cards, cards!

We tried our skills at stamping with corner stamps the Barbara Gray way at club this week and were quite successful. The Mens' cards were from a few weeks ago and have only just come back to me.
This week we are doing 3D flowers, some from My Craft Studio Paper Flower Expert CD's and some from a new book I have aquired on making flowers with punches, the cherry blossom abouve is done this way and I am tickled pink (sorry!) and how they came out!

I realised this week that since I started blogging, my Project folder has been sadly neglected so I have been printing off lots of pics of projects I've completed over the past few months. I write in all the pattern details, yarn etc, in case I want to do it again, and its also lovely to look back on (and show off of course!)

Well that's it this week folks, lots of medical appointments to look forward to in the coming days, the colour fest will keep my spirits up, I hope it does yours too.
Handy hugs till next time!

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