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" When I can no longer create anything, I'll be done for"
Coco Chanel


Well, I have been challenged by two projects this past week or so, firstly I am attempting a Michael Powell cross stitch design, very attractive to look at but all those wiggly lines! Decided I would start some of them before I went much further with the cross stitching so I don't have a nervous breakdown at the end!
I am loving this though, this is the sort of scenery that surrounds me and I'm loving the variety of colours, means I don't get bored with it easily.
The second challenge was on the card making front..... a lady in my craft group asked if I would make an 18th Birthday card for her grandaughter. Great, I thought, a nice girly card to go to town on. Not so! When I asked her what colours she liked, she ummed and aaahed and said well ....... she's a bit of a hippy and only likes black!
Well, that got me thinking for 24hrs, then I remembered I had some lovely silhouette stamps from Debbie Moore and a backing paper CD to match........I had a play and added some peel offs and paper flowers, glittered some chip board numbers and here is the result....

I was so taken with the stiking look I made another smaller one with the scraps

The scans don't really do them justice, the black and white is really crisp and striking in the flesh, maybe I need to photograph them instead. So I wait with bated breath to see what the reaction is on Wednesday when I show my friend. I've also done another scrapbook page but it is a secret until after a certain Birthday has passed.....
Yarn wise I have made another giraffe and lion for the Ark and am now about to tackle a crocodile, anything to get away from all those fiddly legs for a while!
Meanwhile my WIM's list (Works in mind) is getting longer, Lucy on Attic 24 is doing another inspiring thing with crochet and I've got so many lovely little boy knitting patterns to try as well as all the WIP's around the place, there are just not enough hours in the day......Housework, what's that dirty word?
Until next time, keep crafting!

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