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" When I can no longer create anything, I'll be done for"
Coco Chanel

Spring in January

Well, the narcissus think its Spring even if I don't! What a lovely cheerful sight through my front door!
The rose hasn't stopped flowering yet and the lemon tree is now dripping with fruit, ready to be put in my new batch of marmalade....

Its cold and grey today but these have cheered me up no end. Now the yarny stuff.... Here is a little hat scarf and mittens set for my little pickle, already in the post to him, he needs it in London in January!

Having 7 birthdays to make cards for this month has been a challenge, but I've done it, but forgot to scan them before they went in the post, so no pics I'm afraid. But here are the latest pages I've just done for my scrapbook

Not sure what has happened to our faces on this scan, did something wrong there I think, but you get the general idea!
Noah got two elephants, one lion and one giraffe in his Ark together with Mr and Mrs Noah, now to plough on with the rest of the animals, well, I've got his whole childhood to keep adding to it so I'm not stressing! He particularly liked chewing the giraffe's legs, so I'm glad I persevered with them, they were so fiddly!
 I have now started a cardi for me, for a change, in Rowan Tapestry yarn that I've had squirreled away for ages just because I loved it, gorgeous muted colours and soft texture, a dream to have on the needles.
The colours are  a bit washed out in this pic, they are actually much more brown than this looks. The pattern is a wrap around cardigan called 'Heath' from the Rowan Tapestry patern book.
Now my eyes are so much better I've picked up my cross stitch and embroidery again, such a joy to be able to see well enough to do it, I'm tackling a Spanish Hill town by Michael Powell, and also a little kit to try some gold work, mystified? Will fill you in soon....

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