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" When I can no longer create anything, I'll be done for"
Coco Chanel


Clematis called 'Julia' blooming away for my Birthday this week, what a gorgeous colour! (Thanks to my brilliant partner for the photo) It has been too hot to breathe here this week, on Friday it got to over 40C and 90% humidity, no joke! So I sat inside in the aircon in the afternoons and finished my sock and started another one, and I've managed to make the second to match the first by winding a bit off the second ball of wool, very chuffed!
For the card makers among you, here is a lovely card I have made for my step daughter-in-law from the Debbie Moore CD called 'Glitter & Glitz'
It's actually cloudy this morning (what a relief!) so the pic is a bit dull, but there is real glitter on the dress, very sparkly and pretty. I put dots of glue with a glue pen in lines down the dress as demontrated by Debbie on TV ( Create and Craft channel) recently. The whole project is on the CD to work from step-by-step.
In the craft world everyone is planning for Christmas already, I can't possibly start making Christmas cards in August, I can't get my head around it! Besides there are lots of birthdays to make cards for first. But I am knitting for Christmas, I have taken on a huge project for my grandson, a complete Noah's Ark set, I've just finished one side of the boat, complete with Fair Isle waves, pics of my progress will be coming soon.
I've just launched my own website http://www.handicraftscrazy.com/ where I am building up a lot of information, free patterns etc, so check it out evey now and then, its still a WIP too so be patient!
Back soon....

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