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" When I can no longer create anything, I'll be done for"
Coco Chanel

Hot weather makes

Hi there, when it is so hot during the day I can't bear to work with heavy, warm yarns so I turn to cotton. I thought you would like to see my crochet necklaces made by just working double crochets (single crochet for US readers) of 4 ply (fingering) cotton around  plastic curtain rings and purpose made crochet rings. The flatter ones I used here were Prym Crochet Rings 96 x 26mm. You can find these at Purple Linda Crafts, along with lots of other scrummy crochet things.

I plan to wear this one tonight to a BBQ with other purple accessories, one of which is the handbag I made a few weeks ago from the same yarn. The stone table this is laying in was a beautiful gift from friends, the engraving says,
'Fair quiet have I found thee here'
a bit of a joke this afternoon as the French holiday makers next door have their Cd player on full blast with 'oonge, oonge' music!

When its cooler in the evenings I can knit and am enjoying the fun colours of Kaffe Fassett sock wool and the lovely stripes that are forming as I knit. I wasn't sure I liked olive greens in a mixture of bright turqoise blues, but it works, makes it more adult looking somehow, what do you think?

I am using the Yarn Harlots 'recipe' for this pair and I like it so far. Since this pic was taken, I have done the magic bit of turning the heel, I get such absurd pleasure from this stage, seeing a straight piece of knitting turn into 3D before my eyes!
More pics tomorrow, hopefully, have a great weekend!

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