Favourite Quotes

" When I can no longer create anything, I'll be done for"
Coco Chanel

and lingers........and toys again...

Just found this wonderful website full of lovely yarny kits for children (and adults that never grow up!) I could seriously indulge myself here
Well, the pin cushion is done, and I'm on to the heel of my pink socks. It's still so warm here that I can't work on the Ark, its too hot in my hands. We have colder weather forecast for later in the week so I need to make the most of the late summer sunshine. My flowers are blooming like there is no tomorrow now the punishing intense heat of August has passed.

The bell flowers are on a Datura plant, the bees love it! Unfortunately the wasps love the golden figs, these are the last of hundreds we have had all through August from our ancient tree. Everyone who comes to door is given a bag full as they don't keep and there are only so many figs one persons insides can cope with! I was delighted to see a lovely recipe for a Fig Frangipane tart on Saturday kitchen (BBC 1) this week,  there are not many recipes for fresh figs around, it turned out to be delicious, (the Amaretto in the fruit base had something to do with it!)
I suddenly remembered I had to make a Wedding card this week, here is the result

and here is the pin cushion

and finally a beautiful sunset to round off the day.....

The view from my back door........I know the electricity cable is an eyesore but you can't escape them in Spain. One day I will learn how to Photoshop them out!


  1. I love this picture as I am crazed about sky. When I started making Grenfell style mats the sky was important I have many pictures of sky and this one is wonderful..........also Julia take a peep at www.attic24.typepad.com/weblog its a must for anyone who wants to crochet the blog is a breath of freshair....I like to do a bit of crochet....I buy cream wool and dye it to the colours I want.......hope you are well....Cilla

  2. Wow...Thats an awesome sunset! Thank you for sharing!