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Girly socks and Spanish crochet

One pretty sock finished, the second one started, I am ridiculously pleased with this pattern, I have a 'thing' about the feather and fan lace design, it's so easy to do but so effective. Once I've done the other sock I will share my pattern with you.
The beauty of this design is that you can wear the cuff rolled over or not depending on how cold you are!
While wandering around my local town this week (the very picturesque Javea, in the Costa Blanca) I popped into a newsagents that is always stuffed with lovely Spanish magazines on cross stitch, knitting and crochet. Most Spanish crochet mags are full of lacey doilies and dainty baby things but my eye fell on a new magazine promotion that included a free ball of a yarn and a ring binder. Always a sucker for a free gift I picked it up and saw this bright and beautiful design inside

Unusually for Spain the patterns are written out in full instead of the familiar charts. This means I would have to practice my Spanish and learn a few more new words into the bargain, so I HAD to buy it then didn't I? It is really a step by step series for beginners and when I got it home discovered that there was only one of the squares of this blanket actually featured and this copy was issue 2. You have to order a subscription to get number one with the other designs in, cheeky heh?
I'm not falling for it though, I'm sure I can work out how the other squares are done by looking through my pattern books.
The weather has continued to be hot, hot, hot, on Wednesday my local craft group started up again and we were making Christmas cards in 30C heat, how bizarre is that! Today has cooled a bit, a lovely 25 with a breeze, so my hands will be able to cope with heavier stuff again which is just as well, Noah's Ark has been languishing in my basket for 2 weeks now and I need to get a shifty on, it has to be ready (well the Ark part anyway, with a couple of animals) by the end of November to be taken in my suitcase to visit baby Noah.
Well, my comfy chair by the pool and my second sock are calling me, talk soon!

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