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" When I can no longer create anything, I'll be done for"
Coco Chanel

Summer lingers....

Despite the frustrations of living in Spain (and there are many!) warm sun in September makes up for a lot......swimming under the stars before bed..... eating every meal outside..... and the scent of jasmine and this improbable plant...
Looks like nothing doesn't it? To me it looks like a scruffy privet type plant, but at night it lives up to its name 'Dama de Noche' (Cestrum parqui Usteri for the horticulturists amongst you). It really is a Lady of the Night, these tiny flowers only open after dark and the perfume they release is quite simply the most powerful, intoxicating scent I have ever experienced. The flowers only last a couple of weeks, but are just gorgeous growing next to the front gate, a wonderful welcome home and a pleasure when sitting with that last drink of the day on the patio....
Sorry, not really trying to make you jealous! Back to yarny things, I was sitting in a hospital room all day yesterday with my partner, who had a knee operation, so I had lots of lovely time with my knitting and sewing. Really helps take your mind off worrying! The blue socks are done and I so enjoyed making them that I've started another pink and white pair.  Socks are so portable, they were pefect to take with me. I'm making up my own pattern, another first for me, feather and fan turn over cuff, then hopefully coloured heels and toes, watch this space, it might be a disaster! 

I also took a small tapestry kit that has been lanquishing in my WIP's box for ages, so long in fact I can't remember when or where I bought it! A pretty pin cushion, I just love the colours and the interlocking design on the back peice.

There is still a border to do around the flower motif and then I have to cut round the canvas and stitch the two peices together. This will be very handy in my knitting bag to hold the large pins I use to make up knitwear. I love having hand made accessories around me, one of the simple joys of every day. Now I must tackle that huge pile of ironing because I am the  chief (and only) cook and bottle washer around the place at the mo!

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