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" When I can no longer create anything, I'll be done for"
Coco Chanel

And suddenly it's Autumn

One huge thunderstorm at the beginning of the week and Autumn has arrived, cool nights and mornings, damp and musty smell in the woods and the duvet is back on the bed......no I'm not fond of Autumn, it spells death and decay to me, I also think it is linked in my mind to the 'back to school' feelings of long ago, the end of Summer freedom and fun and back to maths and stiff new school uniform! My favourite season is Spring, full of new life and hope, but I must admit walking with the dogs in the autumn sunshine the other morning was very pleasant, little Sophie leaping like a deer through the long golden grass was a delight.
The socks are done, washed and drying in the sun....
From this pic I can see that I'm getting a line where I join needles, I think I'm pulling too tight for fear of getting a ladder and overdoing it! Ah well, it won't notice on my feet and its all part of the learning curve. I will put the pattern on here soon, we have visitors at the moment, so I'm not getting much spare time, but its lovely being a tourist with them!
Since starting to write this, the weather has turned back to summer, 28 degrees yesterday so I was sunning myself on the beach! Such a treat at this time of year, it can be cold, wet and miserable by now.
More soon I promise!

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