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" When I can no longer create anything, I'll be done for"
Coco Chanel

Cards, cards, cards....

Well, I'm in production line mode for Christmas cards. I suddenly realised I need to have all my overseas cards ready to take with me to England by the 26th November, panic! I've got 15 done, another 10 to go. The problem is I get wrapped up in the designing and spend hours just playing before I finally get each card together! I've had such fun making these two over the past couple of days

I was inspired by Barbara Grey of Clarity Stamp on TV on Sunday to get some of my old Christmas stamps out (from Graphicus) and try some different techniques such as masking and stamping borders etc. I don't have a magic brayer like her, so I improvised with sponging and I'm quite pleased with the effect, especially the landscape for the Three Kings. I also sprayed this with Crafters companion irridescent Spray and Sparkle which doesn't show up on this pic. These are A5 size and took hours to do so they will be for very special people in my life!
Yes, I am covered from head to toe in glitter and the rest of the family will be too by the end of the day!
On a yarny note here is a tie back for curtains that I have to make 6 of, the first two were fun, now its getting very boring, but I must force myself to finish them because they will look good once they are up.

Off to tackle more of Noah's ark, back tomorrow...

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